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Manager suggesting not using a KIT day

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Squeezed Mon 06-Feb-17 09:58:38

It was agreed and planned that I would go into work for team meetings for KIT days. I also use the time to get up to speed on policy changes and sorting IT. I queried an email from my manager who responded saying that it would be better if I miss the next team meeting as it will be quite short. There is a lot of organisational change so I am keen to go to these meetings regardless of length. I went to the pre-Christmas meeting that was quite short and this was agreed without any problems.
My employers are terrible at notifying women on maternity leave about changes so I'm, possibly, over thinking it. Also possibly a bit paranoid because I raised issues last meeting about new policies that were being brought in and would be discussed further in the next meeting. My initial thought wasn't helpful and included sending a copy of the email confirmation of what was agreed, but perhaps instead just having a more relaxed tone.
Has anyone experienced similar or have any suggestions on how to handle it?

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SherryRB Mon 13-Feb-17 14:00:34

Maybe your manager is thinking about it from your perspective and doesn't want you to 'waste' the time in the travel to/from.

Or perhaps they don't want your issues to be raised.

Have you thought about picking up the phone? Maybe along the lines of "I'm a bit confused because previously we'd agreed I'd come along to the team meetings to keep me up-to-date so that when I get back from maternity leave, I can hit the floor running. Yet you seem to be saying now that you don't want me to come. Is that right or have I misunderstood?"

hope that helps.

Note3 Sat 25-Mar-17 19:25:01

Thing is a KIT day has to be agreed by the company and the person on mat leave. Sounds like your boss feels the company would end up paying you without a need for you to attend on this occasion so it doesn't make business sense.

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