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Not "worked" for 9 years!

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BackToWorkTime Fri 27-Jan-17 15:25:42

I haven't gone "out to work" and earnt a wage in nearly 9 years, but the time is now and I have an interview next week. Scared/nervous/excited all in one!

I've sent a (very) short form CV, just an outline of my education and work experience in advance (though they didn't ask for it). I thought that way at least, they can get the measure of what I have done before and be able to prepare their own questions for me as there hasn't been any form of application/formal process so far. Was that the right thing to do? It's literally one page of short points. Figured it can't do any harm to send.

Company has "smart/casual" as its dress code, so do I dress as per code for interview or dress up (I don't have any suits any more, not even a smart jacket).

TIA for any tips.

mumznet Sat 28-Jan-17 18:56:29

just smart casual is fine
some flats for shoes, and a blazer

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