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Any tips on how to settle in children from full time at home to full time in nursery?

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tulip27 Sat 24-Feb-07 19:57:21

My son and duaghter will be leaving me for full time nursery soon. one is 3 the other nearly 2, how do I help the transition?

ScottishMummy Sat 24-Feb-07 20:12:23

do settle in sessions at nursery 2 familiarise them and you

start to discuss it daily with them as an exciting and positive experience eg

You are a clever big boy/girl who will soon be going to nursery to play/meet new friends/you will enjoy yourself....etc

involve them as it comes up to due to go maybe select clothes to wear involve them in choice

look out fave blanket/toy/comforter for them to take familiar object

conceal any of your natural anxieties from them as they will probably pick it up

chat to other mums who use nursery, get support

prepare a written handover for staff of children preferences etc

send them in with fave and familir food/toy etc

my baby went at 6months Loves it i am happy too

its a positive step a transition for them and you

good luck

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