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Feel I've messed up my chance

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DontTouchTheMoustache Thu 19-Jan-17 11:52:35

I am looking for a job after being made redundant in September, obviously I've been looking for a while and sending lots of applications. I have an almost 1 year old DS so I have to try and find something reasonably flexible.
I finally got a telephone interview for a role but couldn't find anyone to watch DS while I did it (and didn't want to have him in the background as would distract me) soasked for slightly later interview but then came down with a nasty chest infection which meant I lost my voice completely and couldn't stop.coughing so I postpone by a few more days but it's a really nasty bug and I was supposed to have the interview today but I am still unable to talk and every other sentence results I'm a coughing fit. I had to ask to postpone again The recruitment consultant said to call Monday and we will organise something but I've got a horrible feeling i will have missed my chance. I feel like they wpuld have thought I was wasting their time.doing a telephone interview when I couldn't talk but now wondering if I should have spoken to them directly?

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