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Returning to work after 2nd child

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Manchestermama87 Fri 13-Jan-17 21:01:19

After my 1st child i went back to work after taking 6 months mat leave. My son was very settled and was never bothered by me going to work.
Im have had my second child, a daughter a year ago and took 14 months off as my finacial situation was better and have now returned.
I expected my daughter and i to have the normal anxietys of me returning to work but it is my son who is most distressed.
My son who is now four and in pre school has suddenly become really unsettled by me being in work...tearful and sometimes adgitated with me going to work.
He is distressed every morning in fear of me leaving even though he goes pre school during the day.
I work three days 2 of them are 12hr shifts.
Has any body got any ideas how to smooth this out and help him with this transition?

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