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New job after maternity leave

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Blaze6 Fri 13-Jan-17 15:04:55

Just after a bit of advice, I've expressed my interest in starting a new job at a local company, this would also be a change of career. This company don't advertise for vacancies but if you're interested you get in touch send a cv etc. I have a telephone interview next week.
I would be looking to work part time. I've had someone say not to mention I have young children in case it goes against me (?) do I be honest and say this is the reason I work part time or not? I would be looking to work full time in a few years.
Also do I say I'm currently on maternity leave or do I act as if I'm currently at work? Do I say I currently work part time or do I say I'm on maternity leave?
I've never had this issue before so don't want to blow my chances!
Any advice gratefully received

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Blaze6 Fri 13-Jan-17 21:07:13

Shamelessly bumping hoping someone may have any advice

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campervan07 Sat 14-Jan-17 07:04:37

I started a new job following maternity leave for my first child. I decided to be open with them. I was working full time but wanted flexible hours to allow me to leave early to do nursery pick ups. . I also was leaving my last job as there was too much overtime (20 hours often extra per week), so work life balance was key. Was fine for me. My boss also had small children so knew the pressures and was more interested in whether I could do the job than what hours I could do.

To be honest my work is output based. You need to deliver your projects on time and hours are less relevant. So long as I had a plan on how to do this there was no issue.
This might be different in the industry you are applying for?

My view was that this was my situation and if it was going to be a problem for them then I would rather know up front and then I could decide if I wanted to work with them rather than the other way around.

campervan07 Sat 14-Jan-17 07:06:53

Oh should have said,, I had specific questions to ask regarding hours, parental leave etc so was obvious I had kids. You don't need to bring it up if it's not relevant. If you can just say you want to work part time then that's fine. I actually think they aren't allowed to ask you directly due to discrimination laws.

Blaze6 Sat 14-Jan-17 16:08:05

Thank you so much for the reply, it's a finance office based job so hopefully they allow part time work! In someways I almost want to say that whilst it's part time now I'm planning on going full time in the future hopefully that may work more in my favour

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