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DWP fixed term contract?

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mumznet Fri 06-Jan-17 18:27:23

Hello everyone.

just starting with DWP its a fixed term contract over a year... does anyone know what happens at the end is it extended or does the job end?

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Mamapee Thu 18-Apr-19 08:50:23

Just about to start a role on a fixed term appointment with dwp, wondering how you got on with your contract, any chance of it being renewed? Thanks

Isleepinahedgefund Fri 19-Apr-19 13:06:46

It depends on what the state of play is when you're nearer your contract end.

Lots of govt depts are taking on fixed term people as there's so much uncertainty about the effect Brexit will have that it's impossible to predict resourcing requirements.

In my old department they did it for that reason, and they are able to make them permanent after the year if the jobs are there. Also the work processes are changing in such a way that it will probably impact on resourcing. They will only keep on the ones they feel are doing the role well though.

Mamapee Fri 19-Apr-19 16:03:28

Ok, thanks for the response, very helpful

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