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I need a job after being off for years with a long term illness. I feel completely out of practice, can anyone help please?

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HarryPottersMagicWand Thu 05-Jan-17 22:48:24

Basically I have ME/CFS, my employment and support allowance is going to end this year. I do feel that I could manage a part time job but not looking for too many hours, up to about 15 per week. Been out of work for a long long time.

I've seen a few bits I am going to apply for. Admin jobs. I am good at admin and previously worked doing admin for a mortgage company and remember it well so think I dould pick it up again quickly. I also retrained as a teaching assistant whilst ill and just before I had DCs, who are now both at school.

Problem is my experience is all old. And many admin jobs want business administration as a qualification. I have looked into the course and it's full time, I just can't do it or afford it.

Because I have a disability, some advertised jobs (like civil service) if I meet the minimum criteria, I will be guaranteed an interview.

So, do you wear a suit? Do you take your record of achievement with your certificates in? (Yes its been that long since I had an interview). How on earth can I convince someone that taking on an out of practice, disabled person who gets tired is a good bet over someone who has recent experience and endless energy? I'm also waiting to be assessed for aspergers which is not something I will mention but I'm not sure how well I will come across in an interview, I'm not very good when put on the spot. Also I've seen on a couple of other threads that someone has got the job because they visited the place first, does that apply for all jobs?

So any advice, tips etc would be very very welcome please. smile

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mumznet Fri 06-Jan-17 18:32:57

I normally wear black work like trousers with a blue or a white/off white shirt and a black blazer. my blazer is not part of a suit,.....but because its black it goes fine with black trousers. for shoes I wear black pumps nice and shiny ones....

no need to take certificates.....if you can visit then do but definitely ring up before interview to find out more about the role. if you visit it doesn't help you get the job but it shows you are keen

the first 3-4 you might not get the job but its fine at least you are getting basically it will just be experience...

all the best.

girlelephant Fri 06-Jan-17 20:05:06

Great advice from PP re looking smart without wearing a suit.

There's lots of advice online if you google interview help re types of questions/answers and tips on body language etc.

Best of luck!

mumznet Fri 06-Jan-17 20:52:36

i prefer a chiffon type blouse you know the silky kind of ones and then I keep the blazer on in the interview. if I want to take off the blazer then I wear a proper formal shirt.

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