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Moving into a non technical IT role

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BWatchWatcher Tue 03-Jan-17 10:19:03

Hi Folks,
I've posted a few times along these lines as currently I'm in a technical IT role, but it's a Jack of All Trades Master of none role and makes me feel like I basically no have knowledge of anything.
I'd like to concentrate on one thing or one role but I've been trying to do that for 3 years and always dragged back into my current role because there is no one else with the skillset.

I like the support element of helping people, giving them answers.
I like organising and grouping work, tracking it into bundles.
I can do training and presentations.
I can document and produce guides that are accessible for users.
I can work with users and analyse their issues to provide a solution.

What I don't like are the tiny detailed technical solutions. I can no longer be arsed.

Where can I move my focus? I've been looking at project management and nearly applied for a pm role a month or so ago but the company is moving to a more agile framework (scrum etc) so I thought it may be a non starter.
I do some BA work at the moment as part of my role, but to be honest there is not enough work in my current role to make this my full time job.
I enjoy user experience design but I think I need more training in this.

I want to love my job but I've really had enough of my current role.

Valkyrie99 Thu 12-Apr-18 17:56:52

OP - i know this is really old thread and you may not read this, but what about business analyst or data analyst ?

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