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Working but what do you do when the kids are off for hols or sick?

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wellsie Tue 20-Feb-07 20:03:01

This has probably been done to death but I can't find another thread on the topic. I'm due to return to work in 2 wks time and even though both DS's are at nursery now what do you all do when they start school? DS1 will be starting Sept 08 and I am currently contracted to work 3 full days. We have no family nearby and DH is self employed so no holiday/sick pay.
I am starting to panic that I'm not going to able to work and look after DS's when they need me.
I really want to get back to work and I only want to work part time but how to do you all juggle it?
Your advice/recommendations would be more than welcome.
Thanks in advance.

P.S. I'm already considering changing my working hours once DS1 starts school so that I can pick him up and drop him off, just hoping work will let me do this.

ThePrisoner Tue 20-Feb-07 20:09:49

Get yourself a lovely childminder (says me, a childminder!) Lots of childminders do before/after-school care, and have schoolchildren in the holidays/inset days.

Being off sick is a bit more dodgy, as childminders don't usually care for unwell children (depending on how unwell they are of course).

charmedhay Wed 21-Feb-07 18:30:34

Hi agree with prisoner get a lovely childminder [i,m also a childminder] at the mo i,ve only got term time mindees leaving hoildays free unless a lovely child comes along!!!!!

wellsie Wed 21-Feb-07 20:02:06

OK, So how do I go about finding a lovely Childminder and do I have to book DS1 well in advance to guarantee him a space, also are childminders quite happy to take children just for the hols?

ThePrisoner Wed 21-Feb-07 23:39:52

Contact the Childrens Information Service - find your local area, and you can access childminder details. If you phone up your CIS, you may find that there may also be other minders in the area who have opted not to be on the website. The CIS hold the official list of registered childminders.

Some childminders will do holiday-only care, others may not. Unfortunately, you will have to do some ringing/emailing to find out!

There's nothing to stop you contacting childminders whenever - however, if you want to guarantee that a minder keeps a place for your children, they may charge a retainer, although not everyone does.

charmedhay Thu 22-Feb-07 19:56:46

If you phone around you might find child minders like me for example that only have term time mindees and can offer you a hoilday place.I think that childminders are more flexiable than nurserys. What area are you in? You could maybe find childminders on here!!

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