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am I sensible to sacrifice my weekends and work them?

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dinny Tue 20-Feb-07 19:23:49

really could do with some extra money, I'm contracturally supposed to be working 26 hrs pw and am only doing 8 atm - thinking of increasing hours by working Sat and Sun (as a. childcare for ds is a nightmare in week as we live so far away from my job and b. childcare is so expensive)

it'll mean we have virtually no family time - is that a mistake?

FioFio Tue 20-Feb-07 19:25:35

Message withdrawn

FioFio Tue 20-Feb-07 19:26:29

Message withdrawn

dinny Tue 20-Feb-07 19:27:38

life would be a LOT easier financially with me working 26 hours pw. used to work weekends pre-kids and it was no bother. suppose will have to try and see how it goes...

what hours do you work, Fiofio?

tribpot Tue 20-Feb-07 19:28:59

Personally I wouldn't, if you can avoid it, but equally if it's not financially viable you have to do what you can.

dinny Tue 20-Feb-07 19:30:14

would be Sat 4pm-midnight and Sun 11am-9pm. and dh works till midday on Sat too.

FioFio Tue 20-Feb-07 19:45:19

Message withdrawn

dinny Tue 20-Feb-07 20:06:01

on the plus side, I really like my job and also I'll get to go to the gym 3 times pw without really trying, iykwim.

rookiemum Tue 20-Feb-07 20:19:34

Could you just do one weekend day ?

It sounds like you wouldn't have much family time on the Saturday anyway if your DH is working in the morning, so could you do the Saturday and see how that goes before committing to both.

dinny Wed 21-Feb-07 13:16:17

going to give in a trial period till the end of the summer and see how it goes! eek! will be good to get gym-going done and dusted during my lunch break though!

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