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Has anyone done a Masters conversion to change career?

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CountryLovingGirl Sun 25-Dec-16 21:26:11


I am hoping to change career in the next year...or get on the path to changing career. I am in my early 40's and have 2 children and a DH who works shifts FT.

I am top of band 6 in the NHS but want out as the hours are becoming ridiculous and we have little time together as a family (once you factor in 2 shift workers and school term times). I want a new challenge and something else to get into before I get way too old.

I already have a BSc and MSc (in the life sciences) but would be willing to do a Masters conversion course. Has anyone done one and moved into another career successfully?

I would love to work from home so I starting to think I should look at the IT world. I like messing about with clinical data (numerous projects done over the years) so if anyone can suggest anything let me know! Mainly though, I want a better work/life balance (ideally weekends off). No nights!

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