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NHS interview

(19 Posts)
Meedz86 Tue 13-Dec-16 12:33:29

Has anyon had an interview for a support recognition In the eye Hospital please... I have an interview tomora and havnt a scooby what there going to ask me 😭

Meedz86 Tue 13-Dec-16 15:29:14

Support technician

SteppingOnToes Tue 13-Dec-16 15:58:11

Have a look though the job description and person spec - you may see buzz words that will score you higher if you mention them. Also think of examples where experiences would link with them.

Good luck

Meedz86 Tue 13-Dec-16 16:37:56

Thank you it usually says interview next to some of them but there's nothing really nervous xxx

Matilda2013 Tue 13-Dec-16 16:43:30

They normally really like when you remember to talk about the patients and how you will work to provide a good service for them. Apparently some people forget about the patients

Meedz86 Tue 13-Dec-16 17:13:01

Thank you big help xx

ivykaty44 Tue 13-Dec-16 17:15:33

What is the trust mission statement
Patient confidentiality

Two questions I was asked for a NHS admin role back in march

Meedz86 Tue 13-Dec-16 17:43:02

Thank you it's for a technical support worker in the eye hospital definitely involves confidentiality xx

SteppingOnToes Tue 13-Dec-16 17:46:12

Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults is a big thing too.

Mybeautifullife1 Tue 13-Dec-16 17:46:29

I had a recent NHS interview, though for a different role. In feedback I was told I didn't give a good enough answer about keeping patient information safe. I suggest you check out the Caldicott (sp?) ruling.

ivykaty44 Tue 13-Dec-16 17:54:56

Compliance is really important for any hospital role.

Never talk about a patient, keep notes secure, never give out information in the phone ( as you may not be talking to who you think you are etc) pass up anything to correct people.

FutureMrsRanj Tue 13-Dec-16 17:56:39

Look at the six 'c's and try and incorporate them in any NHS interview

Meedz86 Tue 13-Dec-16 18:42:27

Thank you everyone big help xxx

SteppingOnToes Tue 13-Dec-16 18:52:34

Also - have you asked for an informal look round the department before interview? One of the NHS interview questions that you can score points on is if the candidate has shown interest in the department.

Good luck and keep us updated!

Meedz86 Tue 13-Dec-16 19:03:31

No havnt done that 😫 And I will do thank you xx

SteppingOnToes Thu 15-Dec-16 15:03:10

How did it go?

Meedz86 Thu 15-Dec-16 15:32:52

Not 💯 confiedent there are 5 jobs going going to call me Monday.. asked questions that weren't on specification so threw me abit we will wait and see.. thank you for asking xx

SteppingOnToes Thu 15-Dec-16 15:34:54

What sort of questions did they add that weren't on the job spec - they shouldn't really do that~

Meedz86 Tue 20-Dec-16 18:31:42

I didn't get it got brilliant feedback tho she told me to reapply coz they will be advertising more soon and to ring her up to have a look around xx

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