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What would you do? Move for the right job/increase job pool

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alwaysbusybusy Mon 12-Dec-16 15:48:41

A year and a half ago I left a good job whilst on maternity leave with my first child to move to East Kent to be close to family. Our motivations seemed right at the time; nicer house, nicer commute for husband to London and the support of my family.

However since then I've failed to find a good job in what I do - not through lack of trying. I've been to interviews for all the major employers here (not that many it is East Kent). I am now pregnant with my second child due in April. I am currently working at the local University 2.5 days in a role that is admin way below what I earned before and very un-challenging. That contract ends on April.

My industry is really IT and Telecommunications which is all London and Berkshire. So should I uproot us all and move back to Berkshire to have a better go at jobs after maternity leave? Or stick it out here for another year and see what I can get.

I am a project manager by trade and feel very concerned watching my increasing time out of the industry. I don't know what life will be like with 2 children either so any advice on how that is with juggling a career is appreciated..

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Mewli Tue 13-Dec-16 12:53:58

Hi alwaysbusy I will say move. Consider an area that would work for you and your husband's commute. I am in IT too and considering a house move. I always need to be nr jobs in London and Reading so I am thinking north downs. I am also looking at good schools for kids.

AgentProvocateur Tue 13-Dec-16 13:08:42

I'd also say move to where the jobs are. Sometimes you need to compromise on the nice house/nice commute if decent work is important to you (which it sounds like it is).

alwaysbusybusy Wed 14-Dec-16 16:09:24

Thank you both, I think it is looking like that. Whilst it has been nice having family close by I have not been happy for a long time. We are stopping after this baby at two kids so looking to settle long term really. I think it looks like the jobs will force the location.

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