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Change of career

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Josummer123 Tue 06-Dec-16 19:57:20

I have been working as a health care professional for 20 years. I have had enough of the NHS and what my career has become. I have lots of transferable skills but need some suggestions as to what I could do! Has anybody else had a career change from health care? Help!

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grandmainmypocket Wed 07-Dec-16 00:48:58

Could you stay in healthcare but move to a new branch?
I recently came across someone who moved from audiology to governance.

hutchblue Wed 07-Dec-16 19:46:01

Could you list out some of your transferable skills as it's hard to make any suggestions.

"Health care professional" could be anything - difficult to guess what you do so hard to make suggestions - hope that makes sense.

Are you a doctor or a dentist? Are you a nurse? Do you work in management? In admin?

Josummer123 Wed 07-Dec-16 20:06:22

Hi, Thanks! I am a therapeutic radiographer and run a satellite unit for cancer treatment. This is a very hands on but also technical job. I manage a team on daily basis, organise the workload and support patients through a scary part of their treatment.
I do love my job but cannot bear the management pressure from the NHS.
Would be interested to hear you views.

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hutchblue Thu 08-Dec-16 10:32:15

Hmm yes so much pressure on staff in the NHS, I'm sorry to hear it's too much but totally understand.

There may be some other avenues, like working for a radiographer journal or an institution? Do you like writing? Could you see yourself publishing articles on radiology?

Could you consider a university position perhaps?

Could you do an MSc in something and take a different turn? This could be close or a big jump from what you do - is there a government related job you could see yourself doing - like creating policy of some sort?

Could you work for a radiology company - the company that creates the equipment to guide their product innovations?

To some extent you are the coal face right now -but there are lots of other avenues that spin off from there that are more administrative/writing/communicating/innovating/selling that are all involved still in radiology - but not actually doing the job itself.

Do any of those sorts of jobs appeal or would you like a complete change?

I guess the only other thing I can think of is possibly some sort of project management type role. Sigma 6 type stuff. Might be worth looking at if you are technical but I've no idea really what this about or what the job prospects are like - may be worth researching more.

CountryLovingGirl Mon 12-Dec-16 20:57:31

I also work for the NHS...20 years as a health professional. I too have had enough and want out (before I get too old to change). For me it is more to do with the ridiculous hours they have us working now. We have gone from 9-5 with the odd weekend morning to covering 24hrs. No extra staff so we are working a LOT of out of hours and weekends. Not good when you have school age children and a husband who works weekends. We have very little family time (one day every 2-3 months)! I hate the fact we have lost sessional payments and on-call money - AFC payments are pants!
I am finishing my MSc and doing another 12 week course in January in the hope of shifting to a more sociable job. I am also thinking of doing another MSc to move into a related area (that would interest me) but is a 9-5 job (and can work from home).
We have lost so many experienced staff over the last 2 years! NHS staff are losing their patience and quite rightly so!

Josummer123 Mon 12-Dec-16 21:25:09

I agree about the hours and I can only see it getting worse over the next few years. I am still looking and thinking!

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