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Interview wobbles

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Paleogal Sun 04-Dec-16 20:09:14

I've been in the same job for 23 years, I've built up loads of experience in my role and I'm comfortable (probably too comfortable) where I am. It's a fairly specialised role but I'm not being stretched at all. I'm bored, feel undervalued and completely fed up with how my company treats it people.
I saw a job advertised in another company not too far away, I applied not expecting ho hear anything as the salary is about 7k more than I'm on and they were asking for a degree whereas ive got a HNC.
I received a phone call from them on Friday asking what was happening with my job, why did I want to leave after such a long time and whether I'd like to go to them for an interview. I had a chat with their HR guy and explained that I felt it was time I moved on and that there was a perception their company was fantastic to work for, plus their role would be more doing what I trained to do (my job has evolved into more of a desk job).
He emailed me the invitation along with the job description and the job description is almost identical to what I do so ive not many concerns I could do the job.
Why then am I seriously wobbling? I have to do a written and practical assessment as well as an interview and I'm so worried about this. I'm very capable in my job but having not had an interview in 23 years. The thought of sitting something like an exam is making me nervous. My brain isn't as fast at it was and I'm feeling my age where I'll probably be up against graduates where all of this will be bread and butter to them.
Does anyone know what type of written assessments are used these days? I've had a look online and some of the numerical reasoning ones I've seen look so hard! Someone tell me I'm worrying over nothing please!

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FlyingCat Sun 04-Dec-16 22:14:42

You are worrying over nothing! smile

You have 23 years of experience matching this role and new graduates have nothing! You also have nothing to lose as if it doesn't work out you can go back to your old job.

Go in there with the attitude that they need you more than you need them and enjoy it! You will do brilliantly!

(Ps I have been interviewing for years for jobs in my various teams and I can see right through the 'interview skills' of those with nothing on their CVs - I'd far rather hire someone who's interview skills might be rubbish but who can clearly do the job!)

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