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Can I have some positive stories from full-time SAHMs who have gone back to work part-time.

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twoisenoughmum Thu 15-Feb-07 12:55:12

I am about to start a tiny little part-time job, 2 days a week. It will be my first job outside the house since I went on maternity leave in November 2000.

I am very excited about it because for some time I have been aware that I am not cut out for full-time SAHM-dom. The unrelentingness of it has been getting me down. But until recently my DH had a very well paid (but very long hours job, never getting home before 7.30pm) and I just couldn't justify another parent not being there for the children when we didn't really need the money. We live quite frugally.

I have a little fantasy that I will become a better person because of my job and even if I am busy at work, there will be head space for me to sort the rest of my life out. And it will be so nice to get any task ANY task done without having to stop every 5 mins to sort out a fight between the kids, wipe a bottom, provide a drink, read a story Mummy, etc etc.

Or am I deluding myself?

Winestein Thu 15-Feb-07 12:59:43

No, you are not deluding yourself. You will probably absolutely love it - I found it was great to go back to work <cliche alert> for a rest - a rest from what had become a pretty drudgy routine. IT also made me appreciate the time I did have with my son.
I also get to talk to adults, which is lovely!
I'm not sure about being a better person though.... just how bad are you now???
Just off out now - supposed to be working so DS is with childminder. Freedom!

fortyplus Thu 15-Feb-07 13:09:20

I went back to work 17 hours a week 16 months ago after 12 years off. Total change of tack - used to work in Sales & Marketing -- now work for my local Council.
I love it - makes me feel human again, even though I haven't regretted being full time sahm all those years.

twoisenoughmum Thu 15-Feb-07 13:25:44

Yes, am looking forward to the rest and also not to be confronted with the sight of things that need doing in the kitchen every time I pop in there for something .

twoisenoughmum Thu 15-Feb-07 14:40:40

Is this a very boring subject? Or should I have put it in the Chat section? I really am interested in "new lease of life" experiences, if anyone has them.

Judy1234 Thu 15-Feb-07 15:18:03

I didn't really take time off to have the children but I certainly agree that paid work outside the home can be good for you and the family. It's the space and time that is good, the ability to pace yourself subject to the demands of the work, in the way small children don't let you, the ability to get something done. now of course being a parent part of what you do is getting things done and in fact every time when they talk to you and you look at their face or touch them or pass the drink you're actually doing a tremendously important but not much recognised thing but that often doesn't feel as satisfying as what you can achieve at work; for me anyway. Not that I wouldn't have wanted to have the children and I'm delighted I have five of them but work is good too. Nice to do both.

SarahJaneSmith Thu 15-Feb-07 16:03:23

I went back to part-time work when my youngest was 7yo. I do 22 hours per week working for a national charity which is extremely supportive of working mothers. So far the management committee have bent over backwards to help if I have had poorly children or whatnot. I work five mornings a week and no two days are the same.

I find the work interesting and extremely rewarding. I don't enjoy the process of shuffling the kids out of the house and me out to work but once I'm striding along in my 'neat' clothes, I feel brill.

I have chosen to take a job that means working in the school holidays and I am lucky in that my partners work is flexible enough to allow him to do the morning childcare. I always thought that I was an excellent SAHM but I am an even better mum now that I have a bit of a life outside the home. I used to have a little tingle of dread before the 8 week summer holidays, silly because we always enjoyed ourselves, but I am actually looking forward to this summer now!

We run our own business too so there is always too much work and too little time but this job is just about me me me me me me! It's very satisfying to earn your own dosh, contribute to your own pension and increase your marketable skills. As a widow, I strongly recommend that all mums have a marketable skill, you never know when you might need to work rather than just want to work.

All the best!

FrayedKnot Thu 15-Feb-07 16:17:59

No, you will LOVE it.

I was at home for 2 years, and started working part-time almost exactly a year ago.

I work mornings, Mon-Fri.

DS goes to a fantastic nursery, and loves it, I love work, I like being at home in the afternoons too for chill out time with DS and the chance to get a few chores done, so when DH gets home, we can still both sit down & relax in the evenings.

The only downside is the early mornings, and when things go wrong, e.g. if DS is ill & we have to juggle time off & childcare etc.

Good luck with the job and a new chapter in your life!

AussieSim Sun 25-Feb-07 10:37:51

I have just gone back to work in January after having stopped in 2003 when pregnant with DS1 now 4yo and DS2 20mo. I was very anxious about it and knocked back the offer of full-time employment and told them I could only do 3 days. I found a great childminer for 14hours a week so I don't have to dash off too quickly in the arvo and for the day when neither of them is in care. I am enjoying the freedom of work, though the level of organisation required is quite awsome, my DH is very supportive. The truth is though, that if I didn't find such a fab childminder, who has really adopted the whole family, and have such a supportive DH then it would not work as the stress would outweigh the job satisfaction. But living in the now, everything is going along swimmingly and I would encourage you to do it.

Dottydot Sun 25-Feb-07 10:45:06

You will absolutely love it!! 2 days a week sounds perfect - you'll look forward to it - relative peace and quiet, time to make a coffee, talk to grown ups - about things other than children - bliss!!!

I went back to work 4 days a week after ds1 and am now full time. I loved 4 days a week - felt like a really good balance. Full time feels not quite right, although I'm lucky I can work flexibly.

2 days a week should leave you feeling completely guilt-free about working (not that I believe in feeling guilty about working) and give you a different balance in your life - perfect - and good luck!!

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