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Returning to work

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Chloeneedshelp Sat 26-Nov-16 18:27:36

After my first baby, my manager refused to let me cut days at work and would only let me reduce hours from 42 to 30 but had to work 5 days. No negotiating. The same manager went on maternity later and returned just 4 days a week in a deputy manager position - a role created for her to do 4 days. Extremely annoyed that I spent the last 3 years at 5 days for that person to return less days. Now due to go off with my second baby next year I asked HR if things had changed and if this reduction in days would apply to me. We work in the same department, same job, she's a deputy and I'm below. They've said her situation is different and would depend on 'business needs' at the time. I asked if a role would be created for me - again, business needs at the time. I asked if she would be there on 4 days but they'll still make me work 5 days. They said yes, it's a possibility. I'd have to put a strong case forward of how less days would suit the business and again they'd decide if it met 'business needs'!! Anyone else think this is really unfair?

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hutchblue Sat 26-Nov-16 18:48:00

Horrible situation and seems really unfair yes.
I don't think they have to oblige though:

Could you consider moving elsewhere once you are back at work and look for a part-time role?

Maybe even start now?

When you say she's a deputy and you're below - what do you mean? You report to her?

You also said 'same job'? If you have the same job then I can't see how they could refuse you - but looking at the legalese it looks like they don't have to agree to flexible working and it's on a case by case basis.

It would make me want to leave!

Lotsofqueries Sat 26-Nov-16 19:14:42

Certainly makes me want to leave, believe me! So there is a manager (the new one) and then 8 of us doing the same job. She came back not as manager but covers for the manager when she's not there.. Goes to meetings etc.. So yes suppose I'd report to her when the manager is away. The rest of the time were doing the same role. They also will not let me have an employee handbook because the policies are being updated.

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