Career advice needed! Or experience of using a life coach to help with career decision!

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Careerchanger2017 Fri 25-Nov-16 13:56:44

Hi everyone I am a name changer.

I have been thinking about paying to see a life coach as I am at a career crossroads but not sure if I would be wasting my money.

Before dc I gained a business studies degree and then worked as a hr administrator for 2 years with the intention of one day working in either HR, recruitment or careers advice (oh the irony!)

Then came along dc, the youngest of which starts school next September. So I have been career planning. Three ideas I have come up with are 1) get back into HR admin and work my way up from there like I had previously intended 2) study make up/beauty which has always been a passion of mine 3) find something to do working from home to fit around dc.

I am having problems with each of these choices though. Choice 1 will cost us £600 out of the family pot in childcare 😮 We will still be £500 better off a month but dc will be in childcare before school after school and most of the school holidays. I'm not sure if that is worth it for £500 a month when we can manage fine on DH salary. Although I would enjoy the work. Choice 2 is expensive I think to study make up/beauty and buy all the kit and would it be possible to use the qualification to fit around the dc as childcare would probably eat up any money earnt from this. Although it would be amazing to find work from a hobby/passion if it's possible. Option 3 do something from home. I have been doing bits off of people per hour (admin) from home since I gave up work but I find it so boring! I could carry on with this and maybe set up as a virtual assistant but my heart is not in it. What else could I do from home? I've thought of book keeping but that would bore me to tears too!

I'm so confused I am thinking of seeing a life coach but not sure if I would be wasting my money as I'm not sure how they could help me?

Thank you if you have read this far! Does anyone have any careers advice for me? Or advice about seeing a life coach? Thank you flowers

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hutchblue Fri 25-Nov-16 16:35:35

Check out my friend who is an international make up artist.

Two years ago she could hardly leave the house due to anxiety.

Now she's travelling the world doing what she loves and she has two kids.

She's going to run some courses next year about setting up your own beauty business.

She is amazing!!!

I'm a coach - well a biz and mindset coach and I would say do the thing you love to do because you'll have so much more energy to keep going for something you love vs something like book-keeping which you clearly don't love.

When you love what you do, time passes and you don't even notice it! It's like for some it, you're not even working as you're so in your zone of genius (sorry, coaching lingo).

I would say see a biz and mindset coach for advice (but then I would wouldn't I?) not a life coach - although a life coach will say similar things to what I've suggested above I would think as the thinking behind it all is the same.

Also, define what success means to you - is it having flexibility and the potential to earn your own money and doing something you love - but living with the risk of knowing it could be bumpy in the early years.

Or is it being stable in HR and seeing steady corporate job progress (although nothing's certain these days in the world of 'employment').

What do you want?

Careerchanger2017 Fri 25-Nov-16 18:31:32

Oh wow thank you so much for the reply. I think if I focused on what my passion has always been that would be makeup. At 16 I was desperate to do a beauty and makeup course but got pushed into a levels and university by my parents. Although as part of my business studies degree I enjoyed the HR modules. My sensible head tells me to persue HR but my heart says beauty! Although I have never worked in the beauty industry so have no idea what it is like!

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hutchblue Fri 25-Nov-16 19:32:34

Are you naturally artistic?

Do you do your own face? Other people's?

Or do you prefer Spa stuff?

Do you watch Youtubers doing their tutorials?

Love it? Hate it?

Ever thought about doing your own video?

What do you want to DO with beauty/make up?

What would be your dream day?

Careerchanger2017 Fri 25-Nov-16 19:50:34

I love skin care produces and make up. I love how make up can make me feel. After having children I stopped wearing make up and also started feeling a frump and depressed. I recently had to do my makeup for an event and was amazed at the transformation. I felt like me again! I have energy for the first time in ages and my depression has lifted. All from make up I kid you not! This has got me thinking I wish I had followed my passion all those years ago when I left school, I underestimated how important make up was to me. I also love giving people facials. I find it so relaxing and like to make people feel good.

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Careerchanger2017 Fri 25-Nov-16 19:52:58

I am naturally artistic and also love watching youtube tutorials. I am quiet shy though so could not imagin doing one myself!

I am not sure what my ideal day would be, sometimes I think being in a spa I love that environment. I would also like to be able to do most of the school runs though confused

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FrontRowSeat Fri 25-Nov-16 20:19:39

How about doing a short make up course first to see what you think. Something cool like this:

Also, check out Illamasqua for a huge variety of short affordable workshops.

Or how about working for a counter like Mac so you get training and experience but no outlay and a regular pay check?

Ps I'm in a similar position so I can see your dilemma smile

FrontRowSeat Fri 25-Nov-16 20:25:23

Arghhhh pay CHEQUE sorry blush

Careerchanger2017 Fri 25-Nov-16 20:31:24

I've just applied for a part time makeup counter position tonight woohoo! I probably won't get shortlisted though but I feel proud I made a first step!

I've been having a look at some short courses, I found one by distance learning but wasn't sure how useful it would be.

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Careerchanger2017 Fri 25-Nov-16 20:49:47

One thing that worries me is my partners reaction, he is like my parents and always says but you could do so much more than makeup....
I struggle to not people please and go with their expectations of me. I just hate seeing the disappointed look on people's faces! But I have been people pleasing for nearly 17 years and it has never got me anywheee in life, just being unhappy.

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Careerchanger2017 Fri 25-Nov-16 20:51:20

Also the one thing about the admin work from home is it fits perfectly around the dc, even though I don't enjoy it. I'm so confused confused

I just applied for a makeup counter position tonight and I'm already worrying about the Xmas school holidays lol

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FrontRowSeat Fri 25-Nov-16 20:57:24

I get that..... I guess if you were a freelance make up artist you could pick and choose your hours (around DC). Could you consider doing the counter thing short term and just manage child care as best as possible and accept it may be difficult for a short while?

Sorry I'm not being particularly helpful - it's really tough isn't it?

Careerchanger2017 Fri 25-Nov-16 21:24:24

Yes I thought if I got a shot at this just manage short term with childcare and see how it goes, see if I like the industry etc. I probably won't even get an interview so I don't know why I'm worrying!

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hutchblue Sat 26-Nov-16 11:34:16

Great first step to apply for the job! Fantastic!!
As for people pleasing and putting other people's expectations of you above your own, would they have said "You could do so much more" to Estee Lauder? Or Coco Chanel? Or any of the other fabulous ladies out there who have built incredible powerhouse businesses?

They both started at the bottom, working for someone else, doing something they loved. Why shouldn't you?

We all value different things in our lives and you clearly value and love make-up and how it can transform the way a woman feels about herself.
That is a very valuable skill to be able to give to someone and to help a women feel better about herself.
Ask them to imagine a world with no make-up?
Would that be right? Would that be a better world?
Who should make that judgement? Them or you? Or anyone for that matter?
In the end is selling Coca Cola any better? I mean it rots teeth.
Or we could all be doing drug busting research for Glaxo - but in the end those drugs are designed for Western loads-o-money type people, not for the poor in the developing world where that sort of research would truly change lives.
We could all be working in more altruistic industries, working in charities - but yes that is utopia and as a species, we're not quite there yet.
Sorry for the rant smile

There comes a point for some of us when we realise there's only so much time we have on this planet - and should we wait forever to do what we want to do? Or just go ahead, piss a few people off but feel happy that we are finally living for what we want to do?

It sounds like you'd like the flexibility to do your own hours. Yes - long-term a career as a freelance make-up artist would suit you very well.

Those short courses recommended above by the other poster sound great.

New job, new course, new life - how does it all sound smile ?

As for being shy, that's something you can overcome. It takes work but I know loads of introverts online who are making a killing.

What scares you about making a video?

Good luck!


FrontRowSeat Sat 26-Nov-16 12:19:48

Hutch - what you have just posted is absolutely amazing. I'm not the OP but feel in a similar position to her so your excellent advice resonates with me too.

Completely inspiring.....thank you x

Careerchanger2017 Sat 26-Nov-16 12:41:48

Hutch you are really inspiring. I was doubting myself again and just saw your reply, now I'm just booking onto a one day evening course in facial massage just to get a taster! So thanks to you so far I have applied for a make up counter job part time and also a taster course in facial massage smile

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hutchblue Sat 26-Nov-16 14:27:26

Fantastic CareerChange!! I'm thrilled for you

Go for it ladies, both of you!! You can do this!

It's not plain-sailing going for the life you want to live - you will get set-backs both personally and professionally.

People will always have an opinion on what you should be doing or shouldn't be doing - you're going to be judged no matter what you do - so you might as well do what you want to do smile

I thought of another inspiring lady - Anita Roddick, the Body Shop founder who was all about not testing on animals and against animal cruelty.

Without her, who knows how much less attention this area would have got.

There are morals and everything else wrapped up in the make-up industry.

We all have the ability to make a difference, so just go for it and do your best (not in a perfect way - but in an improving way) and don't give up, no matter what. (Easier said than done I know)

If there's one thing I've realised about going for the life you want - it's persistence that really brings results.

You just have to keep going, even when everything is stacked against you.

Wishing you all the best xx

Careerchanger2017 Sat 26-Nov-16 14:33:38

Thank you xx flowers

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MaybeDoctor Mon 26-Dec-16 08:48:37

A bit left-field, but have you thought of taking a children's face-painting course? I think they are one-day courses, so you could be up and running v quickly (need insurance and kit obviously).

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