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PamplemousseRouge Fri 25-Nov-16 01:37:51

Hi everyone,

I'd like to keep things fairly vague here just to avoid any risks of identification.

Sorry for spamming - I did a recent thread on this in AIBU recently, but am very interested in finding out lots of different opinions and ideas.

For a bit of background, I'm 23 and finished uni last year (studied languages at Oxbridge, with a gap year before uni where I taught English in France).

I started a School Direct teacher training course this year, and really struggled. I really wanted to persevere, but felt more anxious and depressed the further I got into the course. In the end, unfortunately, I made the decision to resign from the course as I found it more and more difficult to see how I was going to cope over the rest of this year and during my NQT year.

I've now applied for tutoring jobs to have some income available whilst I look for a more long-term job. I've done tutoring in the past, and really enjoyed it. This made me interested in teaching as a career, but I think that, on reflection, the demands of tutoring and teaching are very different, as is the nature of both careers. I'm also fairly introverted, and I prefer to be in a low- energy, calm environment rather than having to be energetic for most of the day, as is the case in teaching.

Also, just wanted to mention that I'm much more into literature than anything maths-related. My numeracy skills are terrible, and I really don't feel very confident with numbers..!

At this stage, I don't feel that I'll consider teaching in the near future as a potential career option, as I don't feel I'm totally suited to it. Even though I have to day I really, really miss (most of! grin) my students from the school I was placed in sad

I am very supportive of educational schemes that work towards reducing inequality in educational and employment opportunities in the UK and abroad though, such as Teach First and Ark (I just don't feel that I'm resilient enough to apply to them for a teaching role at this stage, considering my decision to resign from the teacher training course).

I love writing, and really missed not having time for it over the past few months whilst I was on the teacher training course. I was very involved in writing for student newspapers at uni, and also had several work experience placements at national newspapers and magazines whilst at uni. I would also like to look out for freelance opportunities in journalism as well ie. contacting editors with pitches etc.

I've started an application for Ofcom's generalist graduate scheme, as it seems quite challenging and exciting.

I also love learning languages. I've kept up with the languages I studied at uni. I also have a GCSE in Italian, so I'm very keen to get back into Italian, and I'd love to get back into learning German after starting to learn it this year.

I'm very interested in Civil Service as a potential career option, but I was unsuccessful last year and this year in the Fast Stream application after the initial tests round. I'd also be interested in opportunities with the British Council - would love to hear if anyone has direct experience of working with them? smile

I'm also considering translation as a career option - especially literary translation, or also translating subtitles for films and TV. I've always thought it seemed really cool smile does anyone have experience of this? smile

I would also love to work abroad - this could either be a UK-based career that involves international travel or a career based abroad.

I think my main interests really are careers in journalism and the media, culture, languages, government and politics and education (although perhaps not in a classroom teaching role).

I've booked an appointment with the National Careers Service, and will visit my uni's own Careers Service next term.

I'd be very grateful if anyone has any advice or suggestions about potential career paths and opportunities please! smile

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user1477282676 Fri 25-Nov-16 10:22:55

Have you thought about the BBC's graduate training schemes?

SteppingOnToes Fri 25-Nov-16 10:36:18

The problem you have is that a lot of career choices now prefer a vocation specific degree, rather than a generic one. Could you look for a career where they offer a vocational degree on day release as part of the package? It would result in a lower pay grade for a few years but as it is you're probably going to have to volunteer to get the relevant experience you will need.

hutchblue Fri 25-Nov-16 11:02:36

A lot of journalists and freelancers I know went on this course:

All gone on to good paid work in variety of magazines, newspapers, news agencies etc. That was some years ago - it used to be very well respected entrance route into the industry. I'm not sure how it is viewed now but just give them a call and have a chat, check recent results etc.

Another suggestion is doing an MA in public policy or administration if you're interested in politics to give you a bit of an edge.

Another thing - The Civil Service is always hiring people at junior level - but they want some work experience in something first of all. You would need a year or two I would think.

So I would suggest going to their careers website now, do a search on the junior posts you see in the Civil Service - you could do PR for the cabinet office, write policy for NHS etc but first you need to have experience - so that either means doing PR for an agency to get that experience or working in a hospital in some form of administration or another area you are interested in to get that experience first. Then you can apply to Civil Service again in a year or so with your 'real experience' for specific jobs.

check the jobs available now to get an idea of what you'd like to apply for in a couple of years and then deconstruct it back to what you could do now to get there. Loads of people go into the Civil Service this way.

They may even have internships?

Good luck.


PamplemousseRouge Fri 25-Nov-16 13:56:07

Thank you so much user, Stepping and hutch smile

user, I have considered the BBC schemes, yes. I applied for the production trainee scheme earlier this year, but I was unsuccessful unfortunately. Do you think it's worth applying again?

I'll have a look into the journalism courses website you posted about, hutch.

Regarding studying for an MA, I've been looking into that a bit as well. I think it would definitely be really useful. Thanks!

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