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Do you include entire work history on your CV?

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MyShinyThing Wed 23-Nov-16 09:52:20

I've been in my current job for 6 years since I was 23, I'm trying to put together my CV to apply for a new position in the same industry (accounts) as I'm in now.

My work experience from before this role though is completely different and would include 5 years in a chip shop, 2 years working in a corner shop & 6 months of telesales. Do I include these in my work history?

I'm having to start my CV completely from scratch as I didn't transfer my old one to my new laptop although I hadn't touched it in 6 years anyway! Won't be making that mistake again!

Sofabitch Wed 23-Nov-16 09:54:10

I woukd include everything. But I wouldn't elaborate on jobs that are more than about 5 years old. Gaps look worse than an irrelevant job. Having a job shows commitment and reliability etc

MyShinyThing Wed 23-Nov-16 10:07:49

Thank you for replaying. So I should go right back to when I was 15 then? Should I include temp jobs I did as well as there were some periods where I was working 2 jobs.

DaisyAdair Wed 23-Nov-16 10:14:55

Absolutely not. I've been working since I was 16 and I'm now in my 60s - I can't even remember all the jobs I've had!

I just show the 3 most recent, relevant jobs (which span 25 years anyway). I'm an accounts manager, prospective employers don't want to know I worked as santa's helper for two weeks when I was in my teens smile

BonsGirl Wed 23-Nov-16 10:18:35

I include my last 3 jobs then put a small paragraph in afterwards with relevant parts of work history included - I'm only 38 but had a lot of jobs!

MyShinyThing Wed 23-Nov-16 10:22:38

Thanks Daisy, so current position which is relevant, then 9 months in soul destroying tele sales position and the 2 years in corner shop. It doesn't look very impressive for the role of finance manager that I'm applying for!

I have however now got 6 years experience in accounts, have qualified for level 3 AAT & am currently studying level 4. I'm hoping it's enough!

Sugarcrystal2002 Thu 01-Dec-16 00:32:26

I've just been told on an employment course that you shouldn't go back further than the last 10 years and try explain any gaps where you can

caroldecker Thu 01-Dec-16 00:47:15

At 29, I would expect a CV to cover relevant skills and a list of jobs back to 18/last exams.
At 40, I would expect the list to cover the last 10-20 years.

H1ghw4y61revisited Thu 01-Dec-16 00:50:59

When we are hiring I always like to see what jobs people had before entering vocational type training/jobs. I would probably list telesales and sales assistant on one line each and then elaborate on the relevant post. I don't really look beyond degree classifications or possibly a-levels (but not generally) Good luck

oldlaundbooth Thu 01-Dec-16 00:51:34

I'd only mention stuff post grad. I'd leave out the corner shop, unless you were doing the accounts? Otherwise it'll just look like you are trying to fill the page....

oldlaundbooth Thu 01-Dec-16 00:56:45

Focus on the last six years and the role you do, this looks really solid and impressive as you're under 30 and have been in the same company.

If you were promoted /changed roles in the company, mention it for sure.

trentin Thu 01-Dec-16 01:14:12

I would focus on the current job but put the older jobs in just to show you've got a long history of working but not make a big deal out of them unless there was something in particular about them which is useful in your current career.

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