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How long do you spend preparing for a job interview?

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cakedup Mon 21-Nov-16 21:11:55

Have got an interview coming up this week and had plans to do something the day before - but thinking of cancelling so I can prepare for the interview.

Friend says don't be silly, couple of hours prep max would do it. I had plans to research loads about the job and prepare for all possible questions which I reckon will take longer than a couple of hours.

Job is not well paid but brilliant term time hours so I think it will be sought after. The role is giving presentations/workshops in schools on a specific subject. Don't want to say much more in case my interviewer is reading this!

Lilaclily Mon 21-Nov-16 21:13:18

Your friend is not being helpful!
I'd cancel and spend the day preparing definitely

Wigeon Mon 21-Nov-16 21:16:10

I spend more than a couple of hours. Definitely look at the job spec and think of lots of examples of things you have done which meet skills they are looking for. Plan answers to

Why do you want this job

What would you bring to this job

Do you have any questions for us

What is your weakness or tell us about a time you have made a mistake

What you'll say about the weakest bit of your application (e.g. They say they want experience in X, and you only have a little bit of experience in X)

And definitely researching the company / subject area etc so you really can envisage yourself in that role, with all the rewards and challenges that that specific role can bring.

Good luck!

cakedup Mon 21-Nov-16 21:44:04

Yes I was going to spend the whole day! She made me think I was going over the top. I need to research the subject area as I am not familiar with it (it is not a requirement of the job but I want to show I am interested in the subject).

Thanks Wigeon some nice examples there. I want to feel confident enough to answer anything they throw at me.

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