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Trying to organise return to work and KIT pulling teeth

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spydie Mon 21-Nov-16 18:01:46

I'm currently on maternity leave, have taken the full year and due to return in January. I have accrued holiday and so would like to tag that on to the end of my mat leave and then return p/t for a month by using some of the holiday.

I work in a branch of HR for a large organisation that recently merged with another, and as such I've been asking since the end of August to undertake some KIT days. I've emailed, phoned, text etc my boss and just get no where. I managed to pin him down about 3 weeks ago and he finally got back to me a week later.... he was going to confirm with the HR person responsible re my return and how much holiday I had etc, plus let me have dates of interdepartmental meetings and Xmas stuff for me to attend as part of my KIT days.

Well this was 2 weeks ago and I was promised an answer by the wednesday.... still nothing. AIBU to expect a response to any of this!? I am starting to feel like my boss doesn't want me to do any KIT days, and I am aware there is another round of redundancies due in March, so frankly I'm starting to wonder if I'm already marked....I chased on friday but also getting a bit fed up of chasing and feeling like a nuisance.

Just a ranty post really, feeling like I'm just getting paid lip service and tbh starting to feel like I'm not really required anymore. I need to initiate a conversation re flexible working (just working from home a couple of days per week so LO isnt in childcare quite so long on those days) but dreading that conversation on the basis I'm not getting any answers on the other things.

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