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query re flexible working application?

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stressed2007 Tue 13-Feb-07 21:59:03

Ok. This is probably a really dense question but something has occurred to me re my flexible working application which I am just about to submit. Do I have to explain, or rather justify, why I am making my particular request (if not on my application itself at least in the subsequent meeting to discuss the application?). I am thinking of requesting the following:
(a) working from home for 2 (maybe 3) days a week; and
(b) leaving the office by 4.30 pm on the days that I am in the office (with the hour I leave early made up in the evening) as childminder needs baby picked up by 5.30pm.

The justification for (b) is of course that I need to be home in time to pick up the baby but what do I need to say for (a)? Is it sufficient to say that working for home will save me 2 hours travelling each day and therefore I will be able to spend more time with baby or does there need to be a more practical reason which may need embellishing such as the fact that she has a different minder in the afternoon to the morning and needs to be delivered? (what I am concerned about is that if work say leaving 4.30 pm and making up the hour is acceptable they will go on to say that this should be sufficient and I have to do this and not allow me to work from home).

Any thoughts on this? Am also posting this on "employment issues" as I don't know which board this is best posted on. Thank you.

TinCan Thu 22-Feb-07 08:36:20

I was told that I didn't have to justify my reason in writing for why I was applying for flexible working. Ultimately the decision for a company to agree to flexible hours is really more dependent upon whether or not you could still satisfy business requirements whilst working a flexible schedule rather than the reason for the request. However, obviously your employer probably knows you have children and the reason for your request is therefore quite obvious. I chose to discuss my reasons with my manager rather than put in writing.

I kept my application simple by stating my requested hours, the potential business impact and how I intended to mitigate that impact (i.e. work from home in the evening if necessary on the days I need to leave at 4:30).

Every company is probably different and I don't know the legalities, but this is how I handled it! Hope that helps.

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