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Scared about going back to work!

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I've just moved to Bristol with my partner and I'm currently a SAHM.
Since I've had my first DS 4 years ago I've only worked nights or bank shifts in care so that I could choose when to work around DP's job. This worked very well but since DS2 came along, I'm wary of going back to night work. It was easier with one DC but 2 will be so much harder.

DP works office hours but may need to be in early/leave late with short notice, he also needs to work away from home now and again with short notice.

I dont need to work for financial reasons, my main worry is that I'd like to start a part time open uni degree this year and I worry about my free time being spent sleeping If i end up working nights.

I've had a lot of job offers for 9-5 kind of work but I don't know whether to look for childcare first or a job first.

Can you tell I'm all over the place?

I cant find a childminder that can do school drop off/pick ups for DC1 and take care of DC2 all day.

I don't drive yet so dropping them both off at 2 different places will be a nightmare.

Should I just suck it up and look for night work?

I'm all over the place, any advice would be amazing.

user1477282676 Mon 14-Nov-16 00:43:20

If you don't need to work for money, I think you should just concentrate on the degree. Why complicate your life further?

indigox Mon 14-Nov-16 11:04:58

Can your DH not pick up one of the DC? Does your DC1s school have an after school club?

Munstermonchgirl Mon 14-Nov-16 18:58:46

Can you learn to drive, as that seems the main priority? Or is public transport good where you are?

user - I would prefer to fund the degree myself for various reasons.

indigo - DP's hours can change with little notice. He will drop off and pick up if possible but its never going to be a guarantee so i need to go ahead on the basis that I will be doing it.

Munster - public transport is terrible here. I definitely need to learn to drive, I'm just waiting on an instructor to become available.

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