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Voluntary redundancy whilst on maternity leave

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Themoonhatesthestars Tue 08-Nov-16 05:03:23

Hi there, I'm nine months into my second stint of maternity leave from a job I've been in ten years. I am planning on discussing with my line manager coming back and hopefully getting part-time hours which would mean I would be the only person in the department doing that but I think it would work in my current job role. Recently we received an email from our department director advising that certain members of the dept could be eligible for voluntary redundancy if it was asked for. I want to ask what the package would be to give me another option as I'd be under no obligation to accept however my husband is worried that if I were to enquire that it could make it look like I want to leave and if I then decline it could make it harder for me to negotiate new working hours if I were to return. Any advice from anyone that's been in a similar situation?

OzzieFem Tue 08-Nov-16 07:45:54

I think the point here is certain members of the dept. This has happened over here on several occasions. Often the ones meant are those close to retirement, in positions which are basically no longer viable or useful, etc. etc. You would be surprised by how many people offer to take redundancy but get refused, as they are considered necessary to the workplace.

There should really be a memo sent out outlining the terms of the redundancy and listing how many weeks paid redundancy for each year of service.

Themoonhatesthestars Tue 08-Nov-16 13:55:24

Thanks! As I'm not in the office I have no idea who has enquired and been refused but then again if it were me I wouldn't tell anyone so I assume no one else is making it common knowledge if they have.

There's been no memo but I would assume it would be more than the statutory and people would negotiate rather than it being a fixed sum but when I asked HR they said that I would need to enquire first before a package would be presented.

Thinking about who has gone they have all been at the older end of the workforce and/or middle management. My husband is concerned that since I've got two kids that if I enquire and get knocked back and then apply for flexible (part-time) working that they'll be difficult and hope I'll leave instead of going back full-time.

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