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Interview as editor, need help!!!

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Stilltryingtobeme Wed 02-Nov-16 14:32:12

OK, so I have an upcoming interview for a small local news magazine. It's the first job I've applied for relating in any way to my degree and amazingly I got an interview. I did languages.

I do have experience in all the things they require, although in some cases not a great deal. I can use all the programmes they need, either through professional, university or personal experience. But... I have absolutely no idea what sort of questions they'll ask! My recent job interview in February for my current position was very very informal, we got on so well it was just a chat. I got the job funny enough and this new one will run alongside it.

So, any clues? This is my first interview since uni ended in April and I'm a mature student so it's all very new!

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hutchblue Thu 03-Nov-16 12:53:41

An editor usually edits other journos work so you'll be looking at how the story flows, if it all makes sense, are there any missing gaps, could it be arranged slightly better etc? As an editor, you're looking for grammatical errors and spelling typos - that kind of stuff.
So they may ask you what makes for a great article?
Are you someone who works with attention to detail?
They may also want you to have some awareness of the law around what can be printed and what can't be printed/ethics/slander/defamation/advertising guidelines etc
Some editors have responsibility for placement of the articles- like what should go top etc.
They may ask you something around that - what story should lead?

You may have management reponsibilities too - looking after journalists and developing them and their careers.

They might also ask you to represent the paper at events or conferences.
They may also ask you how you could develop the paper's audience further and what direction it should go in - more of a strategic question.

I hope that helps.
Of course they may ask you none of this at all!!
It sounds like they want to give you the job if you're already working there smile
Good luck! You'll be great!

Stilltryingtobeme Thu 03-Nov-16 14:38:11

Thanks so much, all really useful! Oh it's a different place to my current job, just both very part time!

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