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Career after maternity...

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katelewis320 Sun 30-Oct-16 18:37:30

Call me crazy as I'm 31 weeks pregnant but already thinking about returning to work after maternity leave.
I have worked in my current job for almost three years and although I have been very well treated, my job is quite dull and I have kind of reached the ceiling of salary for my job area. As the business is small, there isn't any chance of progression for me and to be honest I was already getting fed up and bored before I fell pregnant. I would like to have started looking elsewhere but then I found out was expecting so have just put that to one side.

I just wondered if anyone else had thought of changing careers after maternity leave and if yes how it worked out etc.

I know a lot can happen after my lovely baby arrives but I've always been very career minded and want to provide the best life I can for my little one.

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