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Progression while part time?

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monkey2014 Sat 29-Oct-16 16:32:22

Maybe I'm having an off day...but I'd love to know what your experience is!
I went back to work when baby was 10m, part time. I went into a new job in new company which although on paper paid more (in reality less pro rata) is in many ways less responsibility than I had before. It is helping me progress as it is filling some gaps on my CV so it is a great opportunity, but if I was working full time/ no children I'd be looking to move on after a year to progress up pay/responsibility again and avoid being pigeonholed.

I am feeling a bit down today, about my ability to keep progressing - maybe I can't! Is that how this works? We have to prioritise my husband's job as he earns twice as much as my current pro rata job and has promotion opportunities - am I stuck? How did you keep moving up in this bit of your life?

BackforGood Sat 29-Oct-16 23:59:12

Not my experience. In fact, the opposite.
When I worked FT after dc1 was born, I just couldn't keep up with the hours it entailed, so stepped back a step. After dc 2 was born, I went back part time. The whole balance was much better, and I had a few moves to better jobs since (still work PT and dcs now 20 and 18).
tbh though, when dc were babies wasn't a time when I wanted to take on even more responsibility, as I'd just taken on the greatest responsibility in my life, through having dc. We found it difficult to juggle small dc plus careers and study, as I'm sure many parents do. There's plenty of years for you both to progress once your dc are a bit older.

monkey2014 Sun 30-Oct-16 07:08:19

Thanks! Having a grumpy day smile

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