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Training routes to SEN TA

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Cheerybigbottom Sun 23-Oct-16 10:08:25


I've been a support worker promoting independence with adults with learning difficulties, mental health concerns and addictions for 6 years. Full time for 2 years then part time for 4 years until my ds started school.

Now I have a second part time job supporting adult learners with the same issues in a non formal educational environment. Only 2 weeks in I realise I enjoy this, but they really expect some Teaching assistant duties more than general support work (some learners have bipolar disorder, anxiety issues, dyslexia etc) and the teachers are overwhelmed and expecting me to lead my learners educational needs as well as supportive needs.
I'm happy to learn this better but I've no idea how a person becomes a teaching assistant for adults with SEN only. Possibly with teenagers. I have no desire to work with young children.

Is this a real job and has anyone an idea of what formal training I need to do? Sorry for long post!

hutchblue Thu 27-Oct-16 11:40:12

You could try reading this as a starting point:

and here is a course:

These seem to be aimed more for children rather than adults but perhaps there is an overlap of similar skills for the this kind of work?

It could be a good starting point to explore.

I'm sorry I don't work in that field - just did a Google search - I would recommend reading more online and searching more to find more info.

Good luck


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