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Post maternity job security

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Asia88 Wed 19-Oct-16 18:21:25

Hi ladies, quick question a I'm aware that you are pretty much guaranteed by law the return to the same job with the same pay conditions etc - my question is how long for?

Technically after a month or two of being back your job could potentially be re-graded to a lower level or even made redundant.

Is there any clause in law etc that actually says the length of guaranteed job security post maternity?

I'm a tad worried as my manager is mad keen on this temp guy (about 4 grades lover in pay atm) to take on my role when I go off on maternity. Even though I fought months for my pay rise the temp guy will enter the position on my current pay level, and on a year fixed term contract (I'm planning to off for nine months only :-/ ). The fact that my manager loves the dude so much makes me feel very self conscious about my job - I feel I'd be in a massive disadvantage upon return. Yeah I'd be protected for a month or two but if there is nothing in place for longer term what's to stop my organisation from removing the post holder that's clearly had a long break and is not as up to speed with things?

T0ddlerSlave Wed 19-Oct-16 18:33:51

Well you'd only go back to that exact job after 6 months, an equivalent role between. 6-12 months off if I recall correctly.

You can always be made redundant, even on mat leave if it's legitimate.

Sorry not allaying your fears here!

Asia88 Wed 19-Oct-16 18:41:24

I don't think you are correct in stating one can be fired during maternity - that's certainly not something I've ever heard of, and there are provisions in legislation to prevent this.

However as to any protection after maternity - I believe this should be protected with some time-restriction - otherwise there is no point stating that employees have any assurances post maternity. In theory an employer could argue your post was redundant after initially offering you the same position for a month or even few days :-/

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