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Working and on carers allowance

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petshopboy Tue 04-Oct-16 21:30:48

Hi i really need advice on carrs allowance i receive £62 per wk for looking after my dad (dementia) mild
I have that topped up with income support £45 pw and housing benefit £ 21 .im getting fed up with my housing benefit changing as my son who lives with me works and i have to pay rent on his behalf the local council are useless and dont calculate it properly and cause so much stress i have to tell them i told them 3 wks ago my son had started his new job and i still havent heard nothing they miscalculated before leaving my son to pay back £3000 im trying to look after my dad but feel like just coming off benefits espacially housing benefits which means i have to pay full rent and would lose income support i dont mind working but would need to be part time less then 20 hours a week i want to continue supporting my dad i would be able to earn £110 pw and still receive carers allowance but would have to pay rent £170 any ideas im just pissed off with housing benefit causing upset all the time

petshopboy Wed 05-Oct-16 17:06:44

Thanks for your help ;(

BushyBushyTinsel Tue 13-Dec-16 22:26:42

Go to your local citizens advice centre. They should be able to assist.

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