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Interviewing with the local council

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Arya1234 Tue 04-Oct-16 02:00:33

Hello fellow mumsnetters!

I am interviewing with the local council in a few day and am totally freaking out! I haven't worked for the past three years and i am soo sooo nervous! I was wondering if any of you have interviewed with the council before and know what questions i should expect at the interview? it will be a competency interview. I have copy pasted the job description below to give you guys an idea about what the job entails;

Job Purpose:

To provide the financial administration function in relation to Care & Support at Home, Residential/Nursing Care, Direct Payments.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

1.Act as point of contact and deal with enquiries.

2.Assist with arrangement of appointments for service users and/or their carers

3.To update and maintain databases in relation to Care & Support at Home, Residential/Nursing Care, and Direct Payments.

4.Dealing with service users and/or their carers to assist with financial assessments and verification of charges.

5.Assist with completion of financial assessments according to established procedures and guidance

6.Maintain regular communication with the Department for Work and Pensions Joint Visiting Team.

7.Assist with the collection of income from contributions due for Care & Support at Home, Residential/Nursing Care and Direct Payments through raising of invoices.

8.Assist with recovery of debts

9.Assist with Payments to Providers

10.Loading of cases onto CareDirector.

11.To undertake such personal training as may be deemed necessary to undertake the duties and responsibilities of the post.

12.To ensure that all customers both internal and external, receive a consistently high quality level of service, commensurate to the standards required by Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council.

13.To enhance the Department’s image by promoting awareness of services and achievements and encouraging greater participation.

Any help would be very VERY appreciated!!!

Thank you all in advance! smile

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