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Ioanacristina Thu 29-Sep-16 15:57:15

Are there any PE cover teachers around? Please don't judge me and help me with some information. I have experience as a PE teacher back in my country. I have joined here at a agency and tomorrow they have send me to cover PE all day. I am worried that here is not the same thing you do at the lesson than it was at home. Could anyone tell me what is exactly I need to do at the class? Will I need to be dressed smart or with a tracksuit considering i will be just a cover teacher? Thank you.

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hutchblue Fri 30-Sep-16 13:21:50

No one judging you here lovely! It's normal to want to work, no matter where you come from or what country you're in smile

As you will be doing PE all day, I would think a track-suit or whatever sportswear clothes you feel comfortable in would be best of all.

Please try not to worry, if you have done PE teaching where you are from it will probably be similar to this country and if not, then it's interesting for the children to try something new.

In the end, the children just want to have a chance to move around, enjoy themselves, maybe learn something new and test their bodies a bit.

I'm sure you can do it and it will all be fine!

You could have them doing a bit of running, jumping, squats, hopping, skipping, balancing - just basic stuff like that. Maybe little bit of gymnastics, maybe some stretching, maybe some ball games, maybe even some yoga poses for a warm down!

Really I don't know what PE should be, as I'm not a PE teacher but that's the sort of thing we used to do when I was in school decades ago now! smile

I hope it might help!

Good luck for tomorrow and don't stress. You'll be great and you can always ask someone at the school for a bit of guidance if you're really stuck.

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