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Full time - can I do it? Or freelance

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onetwoflea Mon 26-Sep-16 10:19:14


Looking for some advice from full time mums. I've seen a job as a training designer I'd like. There is a potential to work from home (mostly, but going in for meetings occasionally as the company are big on telephone meetings).
I'm currently working 2 part time jobs and have 1-2 days free a week (sometimes none). I have 3 dc age 6, 8 10 yrs and a husband who works away. I'm really tempted to apply for this new job as it offers:
a) much more money at a time where we are barely saving anything / putting anything together for the future and not likely to improve our position in the next 10 years.
b) a really interesting job and would get me into a higher position than I am now with potential for when the kids leave home reverting to consulting / working for a company I love as a consultant.
c) working from home.

but also less time with kids as I'd only get 6 weeks holiday and that doesn't cover school holidays. I don't have relatives I can leave the kids with in the holidays so it would be childcare.

I currently use a childcare for 2 days a week and wondering if I could keep this arrangement but be flexible with my working hours ie. work school hours then make the rest of the time up during the early morning / evening. Does anyone do this and make it work? Are you burnt out if you do this? The working hours are 37.5 hrs a week.

Any advice / experience appreciated thank you.

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