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Shannon30 Thu 22-Sep-16 13:21:36

hi everyone , I'm not really sure why I'm posting , I just guess I'm feeling really panicky and stressed about everything and I just want to know other peoples experiences, thoughts. I currently have a job in a supermarket , I work 3 full days 8 hours a day , Wednesday 9-5 , Thursday 2-10 and all day sunday )I have a dog and 2 teenage children , 13 and nearly 15 years . I have accepted a new , much more interesting an less time spent on my feet job working 8-2 Monday to Friday (30 hours a week in total ) I was really happy when they told me I had got the job , and I'm due to start 3rd October , but since I accepted I have been so full of mixed emotions , every day I seem to have a little mini panic attack stressing over the extra hours, the extra days, only having 2 days a week off with only 4 weeks holidays a year etc. Please , please anyone who does similar hours, days with a family to look after , I would really really appreciate it if you could just share your experiences/tips/ thoughts. thank you so much for reading

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hutchblue Thu 22-Sep-16 18:54:01

Hi Shannon
It's completely normal to feel worried about a change in work circumstances.
First congratulations on getting the new job. That's very exciting!
Now as for feeling panicky about it, as mentioned, that's normal. Humans don't like to tend like change. We get used to the status quo and feel comfortable in that safe place, which can sometimes become a bit of 'rut'. There must have been a reason you applied for the job - perhaps you were ready for change and it looked like a good idea?
It sounds like mostly you are worried about not having enough free time. It's true it is going to be different. But it may be that you love the new job, you enjoy the work, you feel more fulfilled and don't miss the time you spent at home doing other things.
It may also be that you get into more of a routine with the hours being more regular too.
Often our brains cascade into a spiral of worry and doom at the prospect of change. We rattle off all sorts of horror stories in our minds and rarely think about what could go right. So with all those negative thoughts, write them down and then literally flip them.
So instead of "This is going to be a disaster", write down "This going to be amazing". I usually find this helps most people feel much better to see all their irrational worries flipped into positive phrases.
Lastly, you can always change your mind and go back to the work you were doing.
Why not give yourself a couple of months. The first 4 weeks are always the hardest when you change anything in your life.
Just give it 28 days and see how you feel.
Wishing you all the best! I think you're going to thrive and over time you can always ask for more flexible working like doing 3 long days or something like that if you really want to have more time off to yourself? But maybe don't ask straight away!

Shannon30 Fri 23-Sep-16 08:05:04

Thank you so much for such a nice reply. I think I've just been spoilt over the last 9 years, only working 3 days a week . But having to work until 10 pm and all day Sunday has been hard sometimes, so it will be nice to not have to do that . I'm just hoping I have enough time in the mornings . I will have to leave no later than 7.30 am to get there for 8 . So I have to motivate my teenagers to be atleast up and dressed before I leave . Plus walk the dog and get myself ready . I'm sure I will speed up my mornings as o get more practiced smile xx

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SherryRB Mon 26-Sep-16 16:18:05

Wow, congratulations on the new job. Teenagers soon learn about getting themselves up on time. Could you get them to walk the dog for you? I agree with hutchblue, it's normal to feel anxious but when you change job. Looking at the positives, it sounds like you're getting your weekends back which will be really nice. Good luck! Do come back and share how things are when you've been there a few weeks.

Shannon30 Mon 26-Sep-16 19:04:26

Thank you Sherry smile I start on 3rd October , I will definitely come back and let you know how it's going x

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