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lovemelovemyshoes Sun 11-Sep-16 08:55:40

Hi all

I've been a sahm for 5 years, and now need to return to some sort of career/job for my own sanity. My kids are school age, but I would need to fit something in with school hours. One of my children has sen and part of me thinks getting a school job would make sense as I'd like to help other children with sen too, but I have no school experience, where would I start?

I also love being creative and would be happy doing something along these lines.

I come from an administration background and really don't want to go back to an office environment. I'm more than happy to retrain without spending buckets of money.

Btw I'm 40, feeling a bit lost, and wondering if I've left it too late to discover a new career!

Thanks 😘

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hutchblue Sun 11-Sep-16 18:35:19

Possibly? Looks like volunteering in your local school would be a good start. Think there are also some teaching assistant NVQs that you can do which may help boost your chances.

Good luck!

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