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Going full-time after part-time. So sad...

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albanyd Fri 09-Sep-16 10:59:36

I returned to work after mat leave in January when my baby boy was 8 months old. I was very, very lucky to be allowed to go back four days a week (as a secondary teacher in the middle of the academic year, that's rare!). I love having Fridays with my little one but we just can't sustain it financially; my credit is maxed out and we're skint just a week after payday.

My head tells me that full-time is a must, but my heart is saying the opposite. I know that so many mums work full-time and do an amazing job at work and with motherhood but I feel so sad that it might have to end soon. Will I be letting him down? Am I letting everyone down by racking up endless debt?

I just don't know what to do for the best.

greenfolder Fri 09-Sep-16 11:03:48

What is the difference? £100 per week take home? Would you have to pay childcare for the extra day? Do your figures carefully before deciding.

kittykittykitty5 Fri 09-Sep-16 17:03:14

Can you offer tutoring in your subject? Tutoring is £30 an hour minimum in my area. What subject do you teach?

BackforGood Fri 09-Sep-16 17:08:10

I too suggest you look really hard at the figures. By the time you add childcare onto your costs (+ travel if you have any length of commute), it really digs into the difference.
Remember you don't lose 1/5 of your pay by going down to 4 days because of how big the personal tax allowance is.

Personally, I think teaching FT and having a life is a real challenge, so would highly recommend trying to make the finances work (after all, it's only going to be for a couple of years), and tighten belts elsewhere.

albanyd Fri 09-Sep-16 18:36:16

I teach English and have done tutoring before which was effective. It's something I'm looking into. Thanks for your reply :-)

albanyd Fri 09-Sep-16 18:56:17

Thanks for all your replies.

I have looked at the figures closely- there's also our mortgage renewal to consider which is coming up.
I also worry about getting everything done around the house if I'm back for five days!

I hope to find a way to keep ot status... Thanks again.

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