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user1473366739 Thu 08-Sep-16 22:25:28

First time poster.
Looking for some career advice. I am a serving police officer with 5 years’ experience. To be honest I hate it. I am trying to get out, my life is just not my own. I have applied for jobs but I don’t seem to be getting anywhere. I feel like I have no transferable skills to ‘bulk-up’ my CV and sell myself.

I left school and got a degree in health studies. All I had ever wanted to do was be a nurse but I found it extremely stressful and it played havoc on my health so I took the decision to leave and joined the police whilst I decided what to do.

I have found that I have a keen interest in continuous improvement and am about to do a green belt in six sigma (self-funded) in the hope this will help me change career. I also feel when I am looking for jobs I am not qualified for anything and have no experience. I am think of doing some more further education but don’t know what level to go for, HNC, HND or degree? Was also thinking of a post grad course in something in the business field. Has anyone ever done one of these with little or no experience in the field? It is also expensive and I don’t want to be throwing money away if it’s not going to be useful.

If anyone has any advice, or knows someone who could give advice, on how I become more employable and start out in this field I would appreciate the guidance very much.

SherryRB Fri 09-Sep-16 12:52:40

Perhaps start by getting absolutely clear on what you're brilliant at (don't be modest, we're all brilliant at something); your hell yes-hell no list (i.e. what you love doing, what you hate doing) and also I'd suggest getting clear on your core values i.e. what's most important to you.

If you're not sure what your brilliant at, I would suggest asking some work colleagues (or good friends who can be objective or anybody in the community that you maybe volunteer alongside). Ask them for open and honest feedback on (tell them you're doing a personal development programme and that you've been challenged to get this feedback if it makes it easier.

What am I good at?
What could I do more of?
What can I do less of?
What three adjectives come to my mind when you think of me?

The hell-yes hell-no list. Get a blank sheet of paper, create 3 columns, write Hell Yes at the top of the 1st column, then Hell No, then Maybe. Write down everything you love in the Hell Yes list e.g. being part of a team, working with people, detail, big picture, being outdoors, (whatever's right for you). In the Hell No column - all the stuff you hate e.g. being stuck at a desk, detail, analysis etc. The Maybe column is for the things you don't mind doing but you wouldn't miss them.

Understanding your values is really helpful .. I've got a free download on my website that you can use to get clear on these. Once you know your values, it helps you to make decisions that are going to feel right for you.

I hope this helps.

hutchblue Fri 09-Sep-16 13:44:49

You sound ready for change!
From your experience it sounds like you have a strong vocational drive inside you - to help people?
You wanted to be a nurse, you then wanted to help people through a career in the police?
But often people who are 'givers' which it sounds like you might be one, are also very sensitive and can't handle the stress that comes with giving left right and centre. Sometimes physically the body can't stand the stress of the mental overload and you fall sick.

So yes it would be a good idea to find a new career where you can use this strength of yours without burning out.

What drew you to six sigma? Is it something you really enjoy? Or is it something you fell upon and looks less awful than what you're in right now?

I'm wondering what you love to do?

Thinking more practically, I think local councils always have need for security of various of types and it could be worth checking out the jobs section of your local council.

With your experience in the NHS and Police, a government orientated job may suit you well?

There are also quite often project manager type roles within local councils so I would think if you were going to study further, perhaps a part-time study course in project management might open up some new avenues. And ties in with six sigma too I would think? There are also other roles within local councils that may well consider you with your police background.

If you do love people and helping people HR could also be something to consider? Again, there are qualifications for this sort of role too that you could look into.

You have some very valuable skills to transfer, even though you might not think so. Happy to help you draw them out if you want?

KC11 Fri 09-Sep-16 17:53:40

I am also looking to change career. I am over 40. I currently work in Law and want to do something completely with children under 5. I am about to start college and I am adjusting my full-time job so I can study at college one evening per week and I'll be volunteering one day per week too. Anything is possible if you try. You sound driven so that's a huge plus. Is there any type of volunteering/unpaid work you could try in your chosen field? I wish you good luck and a great future.

TheresOnlyOneWayOfLife Fri 16-Sep-16 11:21:56


I'm also a serving officer of 10+ years service ( over 25 in total with the job with police staff service) and am just about to make the leap out of 'the job'

There's a whole load of us looking at going but that's a different subject!

I'm about to take up a post in a school which I applied for via the local council website. The interview was tough but the feedback was that it was variety of different skills that landed me the post as well as the police service experience and all that goes with it.
As other posters have suggested work on the aspects of you that shine as well as the job related positives (communication, perseverance, ability to prioritise etc), they'll be loads I'm sure.

I'm nervous as hell but heart of hearts know it's the right decision for me and my family and if I hadn't got this I'd still be looking .

Happy to chat via PM if I can help any further - good luck I'm sure you won't regret it smile

milkysmum Wed 14-Dec-16 23:47:38

Just stumbled across this post. I too am in the process of considering a career change but really not sure what to! I have been a mental health nurse for 14 years. I'm 36 years old and think if I don't make the change now I'll regret it.

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