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Unprofessional supplier behaviour

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Asia88 Fri 02-Sep-16 11:02:47

Hi ladies... Well firstly I want to vent a little!

So I've been working closely on system redevelopment with our supplier. This I swear has been a road through hell but I have been accommodating, courteous and working in good faith at all times - accepting constant excuses and fixes that were not fully tested and would come to us with silly mistakes.

However there is one thing for my organisation that is crucial to be delivered well and exactly to requirement. I feel like the supplier really tried but did not do a good job - perhaps due to lack of understanding or expertise (they are not coders themselves just "account managers") ...

Recently I wrote a big email to them (their director so can't go any higher) basically outlining the problem and whether we could negotiate on price they offered for amending (they wanted to charge full price again :-/ ) - their director replied to me with a snotty email never saying they were sorry or anything... To the contrary he suggested that the problem was really somehow down to my organisation (although he expressed himself in such vague terms that can't exactly pinpoint why), that there were "frustrations on both sides" but because he is so respectful of our organisation they will now deliver the amendment for free but asked if I could be patient because the company are actually working on some other global development now (!)

I was a bit annoyed because I thought his reply was unnecessarily argumentative. I didn't want to go there so just said okay thank you can you inform us re: next steps.

1.5 weeks and a chaser email later I got no response.

I'm so pissed off now - he knows how important this element is for my organisation but seems he obviously feel wrong footed and will now just drag this out. I would have preferred him just saying "pay half" (that's what I suggested we pay!) or even full price so we could expect delivery to timescales but I feel what he is doing instead is just so unprofessional and will cause this project a serious delay. I see this as punitive unnecessary behaviour for merely voicing a problem!

I literally don't know what to do now with the supplier side just ignoring us - I want to write him an email as per above but firstly I dont want to aggravate the guy again in fear he will somehow become even less cooperative but I don't know what else to do!

Any ideas? I'm literally so pissed off about this now :-////

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