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Law Returners Course

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clorindaClutterbuck1 Thu 01-Sep-16 10:12:14


I am a Solicitor looking to return to the profession, after a long career break, initially in a support role I should imagine.
I see that that the Law Society are running a "Returners" course. However, this is not cheap, and I have child with special needs, so not sure I can spare the time or justify the expense.
Just wondered if anyone had tried this, and found it worthwhile?

SherryRB Sun 04-Sep-16 21:40:46

I am not familiar with their course however I do run similar workshops (single day with 3 months ongoing follow up) but not specifically for lawyers. Coming from a law firm background I have worked with several lawyers. As for the cost, it's an investment in your future and your career for you and your family. What I see in the women I work with, is that although cost might seem high, it gets you where you want to go more quickly and with less frustration.

Might also be worth checking out Obelisk Support which was set up to help lawyers who want interesting work but not work full-time. There are also a couple of big law firms now who offer similar in-house working methods.

hope that helps.

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