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Sports Massage!

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GourmetGold Tue 30-Aug-16 19:38:04

Hi, I have posted a question concerning this problem in the health forum, but had no replies.

I have booked onto a Sports Massage course. Was really excited, new start and career etc. Doesn't start for a few weeks yet.

I have never had a Sports Massage myself, so know nothing about it or Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology.
Reading through one of the text books I ordered from Amazon, that arrived a few days ago, there are TONS (really, tons) of 'contraindications' to Sports massage (as in 'shouldn't do massage'!) One of them is Oedema.
I suffer with swollen feet and ankles in warm weather and after plane flights/long car journeys!! I gave up getting help for this from NHS, doctors never seemed bothered. The only thing that seems to have ever helped was Lymphatic Drainage massage and using a 'circulation booster' machine.

Does anyone know about Sports Massage? We have to practice on each other during classes. Will I have to cancel? sad

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User543212345 Tue 30-Aug-16 19:42:46

Who is your course with? I'd give them a call and see what they say.

I trained many years ago and iirc oedema is only going to be an issue if it's acute, and I'm not sure whether what you're describing is acute - or even that abnormal. When you're practising sports massage you'll always work towards the heart so any accumulated fluid in your soft tissue should be worked away from where the swelling is if that makes any sense.

You practice on each other a lot - I've never had as much massage as I did when I trained. We did cover lymphatic drainage too so you may find some benefit. Most of us had one or more issues that needed to be considered carefully when we were massaging, but nothing was an absolute no. It's actually great for your and your classmates learning to cover modified working for such things.

Enjoy the course!

Kiwi32 Tue 30-Aug-16 19:44:33

Hi there, I'm qualified in sports massage although now work as a chiropractor. Most contraindications are 'relative' with a few 'absolute'. Generally you can rule out 'relative' ones with a patient history.
So taking your example of oedema, if someone comes to you with a chronic injury/long history of oedema that has been checked by a medical doctor then you would be fine to do drainage-type massage and you would be taught this on your course.
If the oedema is because they've just sprained their ankle then you can't massage it straight away and they may need to get it checked for a break.
If the oedema is new and in both ankles and pitting it may suggest a problem that needs medical attention.
An example of an 'absolute' contraindication might be an open wound.

So I wouldn't worry and I hope you enjoy your course!

GourmetGold Tue 30-Aug-16 20:04:38

Ahh, thanks so much for both of your replies smile!

I have really been panicking, thinking I'd have to cancel my place (and I would lose my deposit as close to course starting).

I've had this problem since my mid 20s, so about 16 years now. I've been to see doctors several times, but they never seem concerned and only one prescribed a diuretic...which didn't help.
It did seem to coincide with me learning to drive and doing dramatically less walking and cycling (in fact not much exercise at all). The Lymphatic Drainage Massage did help.

It would be great if the Sports Massage course actually helps the problem....I just didn't want to be thrown off, being told I should never have applied. I would love to go on and learn Lymphatic Drainage Massage too.

Kiwi...I do get swelling in both ankles, but bit more in the left, If I wear socks or sandals there is an 'imprint' when I take them off after wearing many you think that would count as 'pitting'?

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Kiwi32 Tue 30-Aug-16 21:28:57

It's hard to be sure without seeing you but if you pressed your thumb firmly into the swollen area and the imprint stayed there a while, that would be pitting oedema. If it's been checked out medically and not significantly changed since then I wouldn't worry smile

Kiwi32 Tue 30-Aug-16 21:31:31

Just as a side note, muscle contraction in your legs helps drive lymph flow so a sedentary lifestyle could worsen swelling and you may find gentle exercise helps (no idea how much you do now so apologies if that's not relevant!)

GourmetGold Sun 09-Oct-16 22:50:37

Hi, thanks for your replies, sorry I haven't been on Mumsnet for ages!
Yes I do need to do more exercise, I've started doing long regular walks and cycling. Luckily the course tutors don't seem at all bothered by swelling ankles and now with the cooler weather they're not swelling.

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