short days or 3 days?

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alicebiscuits Sun 28-Aug-16 11:57:17

I have a breastfed baby who will be 10months old when I go back to work. I'm not sure whether to do short days so we can keep a routine, particularly with the continued breastfeeding, or to do 3 full days. Any advice from those who have been there?

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MsInterpret Sun 28-Aug-16 12:10:37

I went back and did 5mornings when my DD was 9mths. I felt happier about her just doing mornings at nursery/with GPs. Then I could spend afternoon with her. Also the days all had same rhythm to them so quite positive (we were otherwise not in any kind of routine). The negatives were missing not any whole days out you might want to do plus morning baby groups - there's usually less on in the afternoon.

With second DD I went back three whole days at 12mths. It's worked fine as she only does one longer day at nursery as we have GP help. I had a thing about not having her in nursery 8-6, which others might flame me for but that was how I felt.

I'm probably not helping you decide as there are pros and cons to each but I think three days overall better as you get the proper days off and with time to recharge. A mornings work left me quite tired (teacher) and less energy for DD.

ChablisTyrant Sun 28-Aug-16 12:15:46

It does depend how you feel about work. I personally did 5 short days because I love work and really enjoyed having time out to work every day. It does mean you miss the baby clubs so if this is your thing then maybe doing 3 long days. I also didn't want my child in 8-6 care, but plenty of people do it.

ohidoliketobe Sun 28-Aug-16 12:22:27

After DS was born I went back 3 days Mon- Weds. He spends a day with my mum and 2 in nursery which he loves. I like the fact that with my 2 days off + the weekend no one else has him more than I do if you see what I mean. Our Thursdays and Fridays are brilliant, we see family and friends, go to activities which are quieter than at the weekend (e.g swimming, the zoo, playground etc.), get a few jobs done around the house, leaving our weekends with DH off as solid family time.
Have to be very organised for those 3 days, have stuff in for quick and easy meals, on a Sunday I make sure we've got 3 days worth of clothes lined up ready for the pair of us and ensure all his washing is done so he has pj's ready etc. DH tends to do the nursery pick up so I can get any last bits at work sorted before I finish. But well worth it to have a block of 4 days off.
Just started maternity leave awaiting DC 2's birth and will be going back on the same 3 day contract.

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