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4 days or 3 days loger hours- what would you do?

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Flower0503 Thu 25-Aug-16 22:20:54


I'm looking to put a flexible working request to reduce my hours on return post maternity leave.

I'm trying to decide between 2 options:
-8.30-5.15pm 2 days, 1 day, and 1 weekend every 6weeks (no compensatory rest days).
-8.30-4.30pm 4 days a week. A late shift 12-8 every 1-2 weeks (instead of 8.30-4.30 shift) and a weekend about every 8weeks (with compensatory rest days).

This works out same number of hours. I would love 2 days at home with my little one, but unsure how tiring a 8.20-8pm shift will be. Would obviously have less commuting with 1 less day a week. (commute wih nursery drop off will take about 1 hour each way).

How does anyone that works long days find them? Does anyone have any opinions on my options above? Finding this such a hard decision. I would love 3 days on standard hours but circumstances mean that's not an option.

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namechangedtoday15 Thu 25-Aug-16 22:27:00

I would do 3 days and although I'd worked 12+ hour days, I wasn't contracted to and I do a desk job (so not physically hard). Can someone else collect on your long day as nursery obviously won't stay open that long?

It will be cheaper too in nursery fees.

Do you know if your employer will agree?

Flower0503 Fri 26-Aug-16 09:04:09


No idea if my employer would agree, they have indicated 30hours over 4 days is ok unless I can come up wih another way to do 30 hours a week. The above averages 30hours a week. If I put in a request they would need to consider.

How did you find long days? Did you find you were too tired to enjoy your days off fully?

Im trying not to let cheaper nursery fees be my deciding factor as luckily we can afford nursery for both options, would rather choose based on best work life balance for family, but saving nursery fees obviously a bonus!
Thank you

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namechangedtoday15 Fri 26-Aug-16 16:48:46

I had a 60 mile commute each way too so a 4th day just didn't stack up for me. My philosophy was that they'd be at home more than they were at nursery and although the long days were tough, I think I'd have found 4 days (even though they would have been shorter) harder just because I'd have resented it if you see what I mean.

For me too (depends what you do) there is another factor. When you do 4 days I think you're more "visible" so the part time issue is less of a hindrance to promotion. The downside however (I now do 4 days) is that you end up doing a full time job but being paid for 4. For example, if something urgent comes in, when you're only off for 1 day, no doubt people will think it can wait.

When you do 3 days, you're more likely to be seen as part time - so someone might step in if something urgent comes in or your work load is more likely to be a part time role (rather than expecting you to be almost full time). The downside however I've found is that you're overlooked.

Good luck whatever you decide!

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