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New job on maternity

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MrsPearce2015 Sat 20-Aug-16 13:36:14

Hello! Any advice is much appreciated!

So I'm currently on maternity leave for the second time. I am due back in December but am using holiday to return in January.

What I'd love is some advice and encouragement on is this. Please bare with me and excuse the massive essay like rant!

I love my company but decided to only return for 4 reasons.
1 - as a visual merchandiser
2 - full time only Monday Friday 8-5 no weekends
3 - part time 8-5 no weekends
4 - transfer to closer store then look for new job
When I return it's too far a commute and the hours/pay won't be worth cutting in order to be flexible.
VM opportunity would be ideal mostly because that is my chosen career path other than homeware. The hours are strictly mon-fri 8-5 sometimes 7-4 which is perfect for picking up my little ones. No weekends unless there was a overnight, meeting or I had to take a day off in the week! But still pretty good.
Otherwise there's a transfer to a closer store, would be a 20 min journey as appossed to an hour and a half journey now. It can still be full time provided it's 8-5 eveyday no weekends. But it would be at sales. It's relatively easy to work your way up in my company but at the moment I don't see it happening being off for so long.

SO I've been looking for other work for about 2 weeks and actually have a telephone interview today that hopefully leads to a new job. It's perfect for me, the right distance, better pay and the hours work for my childcare.

Another thing was how to tell my company I won't be returning if I get this job. What happened with my accrued holiday pay? What do I tell my new employer about start dates? It's mostly because I don't want to loose out of a pay day as childcare is EXPENSIVE for two children as you all may know! wink

Soo what does everyone think?

Thanks in advance!

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