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user1470209765 Wed 03-Aug-16 08:44:32


I am currently on maternity and my maternity ends middle of October. Before I went on maternity leave my boss and his sister told me that if I come back it would have to be full time and they said this on two occasions.

What do I do? Do I ask if there is any part time available or do I accept their wishes?

Part time would be an issue for me as childcare is expensive and my wage would be covering those costs and I don't really want to put my little boy into childcare.

What can I do?

Suggestions/help please smile

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SherryRB Fri 05-Aug-16 19:57:46

How long have you worked at the company? You're entitled to request flexible working and they're obliged to consider the request, if you've worked there 26 weeks or more.

They're not obliged to agree to the request.

You can only make one request in 12 months.
Requests need to be made in writing stating what change you are seeking, when you want to start and how you think this will affect the business.
You need to state that it’s a statutory request.
State if and when you have made a previous request.
However, before you put your request in writing, think about it from your employer’s point of view so that you can counter as many objections before they are made. For example, what will the commercial and operational impact be? what will the effect be on the rest of the team?
how will it affect your clients? does your company have busy periods/seasons?

A request is more likely to be accepted if you can demonstrate that you've considered the request from the business point of view, and you have shown ways to make it work.

hope that helps.

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