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Anyone left the NHS to work at University

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Oh2beatsea Wed 13-Jul-16 11:47:21

I am thinking of applying for a Practice Educator role based at the local university. Just wondering if anyone has made this leap? I work in General Practice at the moment.
Any things to look out for?
How does the pension compare?
Is anyone currently doing this role?

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Oh2beatsea Wed 10-Aug-16 14:54:21

Just wondered if I could bump up this thread to see if anyone has any ideas please?

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reallyanotherone Wed 10-Aug-16 14:58:40

I did it the other way- academia to NHS, as the pay is better in the NHS..

pension transferred across no problem, I just gave them the details and I continued paying. They use similar, if not the same, systems.

Everything else carried on as normal too.

Oh2beatsea Wed 10-Aug-16 20:25:44

Thank you Really.

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