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Going back part time after maternity

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Steph1639 Fri 01-Jul-16 23:19:45

Hi everyone
I'm hoping for some help.
I'm really lost when it comes to returning to work following maternity leave.
I work as a receptionist on minimum wage. Nursery is £39 a day. Il be working for less than £2 an hour in a job I'm not keen on anyway. I Want to go back perhaps 3 days a week, does anyone have any advice on what works best when it comes to amount of hours it's best to work or benefits I could get to help top up my wage. I don't want to leave my job altogether as my partners job may not be safe In the future. Any help would be greatly appreciated as the thought of working for so little is awful.
Thank you

PridePrejudiceZombies Sun 03-Jul-16 16:03:17

You're going to need to give more information about your household income before people can tell you about tax credits. In terms of childcare costs, are you getting vouchers? Have you checked out the new tax free childcare scheme that's starting next year?

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