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how do I get back to work? out of touch

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sunglassesonhead Thu 30-Jun-16 10:55:42

I have suffered severe MH illness and have a DS who will start reception in sept 2017 who's settled in a school nursery

I don't want to remove him as the school are so supportive to me and we have a TAC etc due to my mental health. My HV would actually like me to try and claim PIP however the jobcentre on the other hand are being "your a benefit scrounger, get to work already everybody else is"

I know my MH wouldn't allow me to work quite a few jobs. I couldn't for example cope with commuting into the city and avoid certain public transport routes, I can't really cope in a crowd or noisy situations but there must be something out there I can manage

I was thinking a small office locally as a part time administrator (I have previous experience) would be possible if I could walk to it etc

I have no family or friends who can take on any aspect of childcare though and nursery doesn't start till 8.45 each morning

How does it work? I currently claim income support etc, and he gets 15hrs free childcare which is used in the school nursery.

How much do I need to earn for us to be the same financially or better off?

Carolhh Thu 30-Jun-16 19:46:14

Have you looked on nhsjobs?

jclm Mon 04-Jul-16 19:49:27

If you have a year before reception starts, I would start off with a voluntary job, eg in a local office as you suggest. This will increase your confidence. It's not easy to find part time paid work, especially if you're limited to a certain region, so any revent experience will help.

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