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To move jobs or not...

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wapphighwood Wed 29-Jun-16 13:34:26

Hi All, would appreciate any thoughts/comments on my work situation which I am musing over daily but not landing on a decision.

I've been at my current role about 5 years, I took a year off last year on maternity leave with DC(1). I work 4 days a week, with one of those days working from home. DC goes to nursery 4 days. The days I go to the office involve a long commute into the City, taking about an hour and 20 door to door. My husband has a more demanding job hours wise so drop/off pick up almost always falls to me unless I've booked it in his calendar in advance. Logistically it works, my boss is understanding and I get no negative comments about me leaving the office bang on time to get back to pick DC up etc. However, the actual job itself I am bored with and could do with moving jobs to progress career wise (which won't happen unless my boss leaves and I take their place). Not that it is the main reason for my dissatisfaction but I also feel I am under paid in this role, it is more the constant nagging feeling I am capable (and should be) doing/earning more. My husband did the same degree as me and now earns 3 times what I earn, but he has pushed himself.
On the other hand I think I just have to settle for this as it is working with childcare logistics and I am lucky to have the 4 days and day from home, and DC is priority. I feel moving jobs I could throw away the understanding boss and end up with one who gives me grief for leaving on time (happening to a lot of my NCT group of friends). If I got a new job I would definitely be aiming to reduce the commute, and find something more local, but they are few and far between because this type of job is so City focussed. Also thinking at some point adding to the children collection, so should I just wait until after had another period of leave, rather than moving now, then annoying a new employer by going on mat leave? I think it is much easier in that regard if you have been in a job for a while and the company knows you and want you to come back.
I change my mind daily as to what I'm going to do, and internally stress about it a lot of the day.
Apologies this was long!

Carolhh Thu 30-Jun-16 18:34:33

No it's not that long at all.... I mean your post! But I think the commute is too long and also not good if you are expecting....

I suggest move jobs and be honest to new employer about the maternity's interesting to go to a new place I recommend no more than two years with one employer stop learning and if it's boring than that's isn't nice .....I'm in same boat like you apart from the new baby coming along and I'm trying to leave my job asap......

Theknittinggorilla Thu 30-Jun-16 19:33:09

Op are you me?! In almost exactly the same situation. Work 4 days, one of which from home. 40 min commute. No chance of progression at work unless I go full time (and more), working at a level below where I would expect to be. Over 5 years and two maternity leaves my husbands career has flourished as mine had stalled. Really difficult to leave the dcs for something I get no satisfaction from. And my home life is out of control and everything seems flat out.

Have a similar complication in that I would really like a third child so have been hanging in there to try and get a mat leave with the intention of not going back (and either getting something else or freelancing). However my Dh is less sure about the third child, and thinks we are mad to make things even more difficult now.

So I am coming to the conclusion that life is too short and I should leave the job and worry about another mat leave if the time comes.

Watching with interest to see if others have good experiences to share. Maybe we can convince each other to take the plunge OP!

poocatcherchampion Thu 30-Jun-16 20:11:17

OK I'm too in a similar position but slightly further through the process.

I had the third child and am done with children, at least for the foreseeable and have racked up 7 years in my current job (of which 3 were mat leave). I'm currently 4 days a week and totally flexible over hours and times and wdh if no meetings.

But I am def not going back, am due back in October but actually December once leave is taken into account.

I am actively looking for jobs and have applied for one today with another to do. I am also exploring freelance and have a bit of work lined up.

One of these options will work out I am convinced of it and I will have sorted it before I am due to return.

I am only going to apply for jobs that I know I meet most of the person spec for and I am going to be up front and say I want part time but am flexible about how that is delivered.

Positive mental attitude! I am not gong back!!

(My CV does not show up my part time or maternity leaves so it all looks good on there.)

Obviously I am joining this thread for support. I neeeeed it!

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